Thankful for the Journey💖✈️

Oh my goodness I cannot believe it has been over a year since my last blog post! With school, sports, and other activities, I have not had any time to update you all. This weekend seems like a perfect time to reflect on the past year and everything that I am grateful for in my life…


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Cross country 2015: An awesome season filled with laughs, personal records, spaghetti dinners, and amazing teamates. So thankful for ALL of you! 🏃🏼🍝💪🏻👟

Winter: Sledding with the neighbors, ugly sweaters with my best friends, beautiful Christmas lights, and a Happy New Year with my dad made winter 2015-2016 one to remember. 😍❄️🎄🎁🎉


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Arizona (January 2016): Last January I traveled to Arizona with my amazing best friend Jessica and visited my godmother Tina (“Teeney”). We played many rounds of golf, enjoyed some amazing views, and of course-took beautiful pictures. I am so thankful for this opportunity to bask in the sun, play some golf, and spend time with the people I love. 💗😍🌴⛳️✨

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California (February 2016): I am so lucky to have been able to visit my awesome grandparents and uncle in February. This trip was filled with golf rounds, hikes with Uncle Gary, old movies with grandma and grandpa, picture sessions of the night sky, 3 mile runs to the farmers market, and of course family dinners at De Anza Country Club. I am SO thankful for the opportunity to visit my amazing Californian family once a year and I cannot wait to see them again next year. Love you all! 💗😍🌴⛳️✨🏃🏼🍴🌜

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Spain (March 2016): Over Spring Break I had the amazing opportuntiy to travel to Spain with the band and dance program of Rosemount High Scool. It was so cool to visit the cities of Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, and Toledo! We were able to personally witness the sights of Spain through the concerts we performed, many spectacular bus tours, and even practicing our Spanish while buying chocolates in a local bakery! (Yummmmm😍) I am SUPER thankful to have experienced a country as awesome as Spain with some of my best friends. 😍🌊☔️🎺⛪️🏰

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Domincan Republic  (June 2016): As a celebration of my 16th birthday and Teeney’s 50th birthday, we (my mom, godmother, and I) went on a trip of a lifetime to the Dominican Republic. Our good friends from upstate New York, Doug and Jan, joined us as well. They really made the trip one to remember. We stayed at a fabulous resort called the Melia Caribe All Inclusive Golf & Beach Resort. This trip was one of the most amazing in my entire life! The Dominican Republic offered spectacular beaches, tasty  virgin strawberry daiquiris, paddleboarding, upclose encounters with exotic peacocks, countless pools, fantastic room service, and even swimming with the dolphins (a dream come true). I am truly thankful for the great memories made on this opportunity of a lifetime! 💗😍🌴🏄🌊🍸🐬🐠

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Chicago (August 2016): In August my mom and I surprised my grandma with a trip to Chicago! This was an absolutely incredible trip. We ate delicious food, toured Chicago on the Architectural River Cruise, and rode the famous Chicago ferris wheel. This trip was especially amazing because I got to spend time with my mom and grandma. I am so thankful for such lovely ladies in my life. Love you! 🚆🌆⚓️🌞🚢🎡🍦


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Golf 2016: This seasons was absolutely amazing, as documented by these fun selfies, action shots, and of course-jumping pictures. Some highlights from the seasons included playing in a tournament at Hazeltine National Golf Club (the site of the 2016 Ryder Cup) and placing 2nd in our section! Two of my teamates from Rosemount high school even qualified for the state tournament! Congratulations Jess and Gretchen! I’m looking forward to another spectacular golf season in 2017 with my amazing team! So thankful for all of you. ⛳️☀️📷🎉🏆


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Cousin Love: My awesome cousins Taylor and Jazzy, (plus their awesome mom and dad) arrived home from Indonesia in early June. It was great to see them for the first time in one year. Unfourtunately they had to leave in August for their new school in Shanghai, but we had an amazing summer together. We made many fun summer memories that I would love to share with you through these pictures. SO gratfeul for the love and joy that my family provides me with every day. 👪💖🌞🏃🏼🐬

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16th Birthday (June 2016): On June 28, I turned 16! I finally was able to take my driver’s liscense test. Although I was really nervous, I felt confident I was a pretty good driver. Luckily, my test instructor Ellen thought so too. When I pulled up next to the curb after completing the exam, she turned to me and declared, “you passed today.” With a huge smile I headed inside to snap my picture and make it offical. I am so thankful for my mom and dad who supported me and were willing to drive with me even when I was slightly inexperienced! Love you two so much. (P.S. I recently got a new car!!)🚗😅👪1️⃣6️⃣

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Up North (July 2016): In July, I visited my friend Jessica’s cabin on Person Lake in Wisconsin. It was a great trip filled with awesome adventures and a super fun golf tournament. We kayaked, waterskiied, wakeboarded, windsurfed, performed paddle yoga, swam, found a cute turtle, and took some beautiful star/moon/sun/sky pictures. Everything on this trip was amazing (as seen by these pictures). I am so very thankful for nature’s beauty and Jess. ⭐️🌊🏄🌞🌚📷

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Adventure Club: This summer I was able to hang out with my wonderful group of best friends known as the “Adventure Club.” Our awesome adventures ranged from a professional photoshoot (with glitter and bubbles), a night out at Punch Pizza, boating on the St. Croix, and so much more! I am so thankful for such amazing friends and I cannot wait to make countless new memories. 🌊📷🌸🍕

FALL 2016:


Vikings Game (August 2016): On August 28 I attended the final Vikings Pre-Season game with my dad. It was so cool to see the inside of the U.S. Bank Stadium in person! It was also amazing to spend some quality time with my dad and witness the Vikings crush the Chargers (my dad’s favorite team) 23 to 10. This is something I will never forget; I am thankful for this awesome opportunity and my amazing dad. Love you! 🏈😍💛💜🏆


Gary’s Visit (October 2016): Mid-October my Uncle Gary visited Minnesota to run in the Twin Cities Marathon. It was so fun to hang out with him and my dad! We played a round of golf, played wii baseball (I definitely did not win😅), and crafted some caramel apples. Although this weekend was short, spending time with my crazy uncle is always a great time! Thankful for you! ⛳️🎉☀️🏃🏼🍎⚾️


Teeney’s Visit (October 2016): At the end of October my awesome godmother Tina (“Teeney”) visited Minnesota! Teeney was able to watch my final cross country race, and together we ziplined in the Mall of America and ate some delicious food at Pizzeria Lola. (As shown above🍦😍) I am thankful to have such a great godmother and I cannot wait to see her soon. 🏃🏼🍕🍴💞😘

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Cross Country 2016: This seasons was honestly one of the best ever! From personal records to pasta dinners, we shared many laughs, made amazing memories, and improved as a team. Although we nearly missed making it to the state tournament, I am incredibly proud of our team and cannot wait to rock it next year for our Senior season. Love you all!  🏃🏼🍝💪🏻👟

Thank you all for being such AMAZING friends/family and thank you for continually reading my blog! Wishing you a happy holiday season filled with your own spectacular memories… 🎄


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