Scotland Day 2⛳️

Hey everyone! I am excited to blog about this day because it was the reason we planned this trip in the first place- to go to the Women’s British Open at Turnberry! So, here we go!

The day started bright and early when Teeney and I woke up to work out in the gym at the Cairndale Hotel and Leisure Club. I was really tired at first, but I felt better when I started to run on the treadmill. I ran 6.35 kilometers in about 40 minutes. I was proud of myself because I was sprinting at 12.0 kilometers per hour at an incline of 10.o to finish the run. There was a reason why I was so exhausted afterwards! After our workout, we both felt ready to take on the day. When we got back upstairs, my mom was planning our driving route for the day. Teeney and I showered, we got our things all packed up, and then we headed down to breakfast.

Today was surprisingly a little different at breakfast! I still had toast with strawberry jam, but I also had rice kris pies with milk! They were so delicious… I was glad I could take a break from scrambled eggs for a day.😉

Following the great breakfast, we left the hotel and got on the road. We drove for about 45 minutes and then we stopped at a gas station to fill up our tank. I also got a little cup of ice cream! In about an hour and a half of windy, Scottish roads (which I was asleep for most of the ride), we made it to Turnberry! I was SO excited to see the Women’s British Open in person!

When we arrived, we picked up our tickets at the will call booth (Teeney’s friend had ordered them for us) and then we parked the car. We then added our many layers (it was chilly!) and we were off! Seeing all of the ladies I had seen on TV my whole life was amazing. I was able to see many great golfers including Lexi Thompson, Suzann Pettersen, Inbee Park, Stacey Lewis, Cristie Kerr, and many more! I loved the day even more because I got to experience true Scottish weather. About 1:30, we started to see very dark rain clouds. The wind was already very strong because the course is right on the water (“The Firth of Clyde”), but by 2:00 it started raining pretty hard. I was actually happy because I wanted to experience the weather I had seen the British Open played in on TV! The rain only lasted about 10 minutes (we still got soaking wet!), and then it started to clear up. After walking around the course for a while and buying a few souvenirs from the gift shop, we made our way to the 11th hole. It is an awesome par 3 directly on the water. We stayed there for the final 7 groups, so we got to see the leaders as well! Overall, it was spectacular to see the Women’s British Open at Turnberry.

After the tournament, we drove about half an hour to our next accommodation (where I am writing this blog right now!). It is called the “Inverlea Guest House” and it is one  of the nicest places we have stayed in yet! The rooms are huge, neat, and the house is beautiful. Even the garden here is gorgeous!

Once we checked in, we went to dinner at a small Italian Place in town (the town is Ayr) called Vito’s. I ordered penne bolognese, my mom ordered spaghetti bolognese, and Teeney ordered lasagna. We also had garlic bread and a baguette with butter. For dessert, Teeney and I both had 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Everything was so delicious!

Now we are back in our big, awesome room. I am writing my blog, Teeney is reading on her kindle, and we have the TV show called “Mystery Diners” playing in the background.

We have had such a great day… It couldn’t have been any better. Enjoy these pictures from our day today😄:

The Scottish Flag flying high at the tournament.
Ricoh Women’s British Open!
The welcome sign!
The famous lighthouse at Turnberry.
The Trump International Hotel at Turnberry.
A panorama of the 12th hole at Turnberry. It is so beautiful with the water and the lighthouse in the background.
One of the flags blowing in the wind.
A panorama of the 8th green. If you look closely, you may notice the rock in the background. This is called the Alisa Craig.
Selfie with the 8th green! As you can see it was VERY windy!
The fescue and the dark rain clouds.
The hot chocolate I got at the tournament. It was so nice on such a chilly day!
One of my favorite golfers- Stacy Lewis- tapping in her par putt.
Scotland- “The Home of Golf”
My mom standing underneath the British Open sign!
The flags on the driving range… The Women’s British Open is so diverse! 
The main leaderboard.
The ominous rain clouds heading right towards us!
A panorama of the sky. It is so amazing because you can see blue sky on the left but the rest of the sky is black!
The “donut” bunker!
My mom and I loved the British Open!
Selfie with the lighthouse!
A picture of me taking a picture!
The leaderboard and I!
We love it here!
The leader- Suzann Petersen- lining up her putt on the 11th hole. She made the putt for birdie!
The Inverlea Guest House!
A beautiful flower in the Inverlea Garden.
Another rose in the garden.
Vito’s… Yum!
My penne bolognese!
My wonderful vanilla ice cream!

Today was an amazing day. I am glad I was able to finish my blog and catch up!

Thank you for reading! Bye✌️


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