England Day 6/ Scotland Day 1🐑

Another day here in the UK! I am STILL a day behind on my posts because the wifi is usually on and off so my pictures don’t load very fast. Maybe today will be the day I can catch up! So, here is the scoop on yesterday:

We woke up at the Albert and Victoria Hotel and ate the complimentary breakfast. You will never guess what we had… scrambled eggs and toast! (Actually, Teeney had an omelet- changing it up!) After breakfast we packed up and left Southport.  About an hour into our drive we stopped for lunch at the “Toby Carvery.” They had delicious meats (turkey, ham, pork, and beef), along with stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, and broccoli. Everything was so delicious!

Following breakfast we continued our drive north into Scotland. We were so excited to see the “Welcome to Scotland” sign! (see below) Eventually we made it to Laggan Outdoor Adventures,  where we would be spending our afternoon. We had a 3:30 session on the zipline and then we had a 4:00 segway tour. I will start with the zipline:

We rode up to the beginning of the zipline in a small jeep. The jeep even got stopped by cows in the road! The ride up was very bumpy… I was happy I was wearing a helmet because I hit my head on the side of the jeep so many times! Finally we made it to the top of the hill/mountain. The view was amazing from up there! It was also very windy!

Teeney and another man zipped down the 820 meter zipline first, and then my mom and I went. The  ride was SO FUN! Even though the rain droplets stung a little when they hit your face, seeing the sights while zipping down was awesome. I enjoyed observing both the ocean and the little sheep! Overall, the zipline was amazing😃

After the zipline, we took off our harnesses and swapped them out for elbow and wrist pads… It was time to segway! The segway was a little tough to get the hang of, but after the “training course,” we all managed to get the hang of it. At the beginning of the tour, we got to ride up to the top of the hill we ziplined from! We also were able to ride through fields with sheep grazing in them! The segway tour was just as fun as the zipline, and I enjoyed learning something new. Before we left the Laggan Outdoors place, I ordered a hot chocolate to warm me up (it was about 60 and raining). It tasted very good! Then we got on the road.

We drove to our next accommodation, which was the Cairndale Hotel and Leisure Club. It was located in the town of Dumfries. Our drive was only a half hour, so we soon arrived. It was a very nice hotel, and I was excited to use some of the facilities. After getting checked in, we began the night by going to dinner at “The Granery.” I ordered fish and chips, my mom ordered a steak, and Teeney ordered “scampi” (what they call shrimp in Scotland). We all enjoyed our dinners. I even had room for dessert after my meal, so I selected a warm chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. Just like everything else, it was delicious!

Following dinner we went back to our hotel room, and then I went swimming! It was super fun. I played a game with Teeney where she threw a mini frisbee somewhere in the pool and I had to try and find it as quick as possible. One time I found it in just 17 seconds! I had a blast at the swimming pool, but eventually I had to go back to write my blog about the day before. Then we relaxed and went to bed.

Our day was overall great yesterday! I hope you enjoyed reading this summary… Below are the many pictures from our day. Enjoy!

A seagull perched on a lampost I spotted as we were getting ready to leave Southport.
My lunch at the Toby Carvery… yum!
Welcome to Scotland!
The Scottish countryside.
We made it!
Ready to zip!
The view is amazing from up here!
Ta daaa!
Teeney ready to go!
My mom on the zipline!
Here I come!
On the training course!
Segway fun at the top… What a picturesque view!
The three musketeers take on the segway tour!
My hot chocolate really warmed me up after the segway tour!
After leaving Laggan Outdoor Adventures, we stopped to take pictures of the sheep. This guy looked right at me!
Sheep photoshoot part 2!
Part 3! So adorable😍
The place we ate at for dinner. So good!
My fish, chips, and peas!
Chocolate cake, warm fudge sauce, and ice cream… What more can I ask for?
Swimming in the pool. What a great way to end our busy day!

Yesterday was a great day. Stay tuned for the update about today! Thank you for reading. Bye! 😛


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