England Day 5🌲

Hello everyone! I am still a day behind, so it is really our 6th day in England, but I am writing about yesterday. So, here we go!

We woke up at the Sydney House around 7:15. We were planning on getting everything packed and then going to breakfast at 8, but we eventually realized we needed to leave at 8. Since we had to be at the “Tree Top Adventure” place (I will explain later!) by 9:30, there was not enough time to eat breakfast. Instead, we left the Sydney House and we stopped at a little gas station right before the “M6.” (A huge dual carriage motorway here in England) I bought rice krispies and a little cute bottle of milk along with strawberry yogurt. Teeney and my mom had bagels and “crisps” (chips). At least it was different than our typical “scrambled eggs and toast” breakfast! Soon we started on our way towards the “Tree Top Adventure!”

The drive was SO beautiful! We were actually heading into a new country- Wales- and it’s rugged, mountainous landscape was spectacular! Here are a few pictures from the drive:


The drive was about an hour and a half long so we made it just on time! (Actually our session started at 10:00, but the website requested we get there 30 minutes early). We then checked in and got our extra layers on (it was a little chilly!). At the “Tree Top Adventure” place, we were going on a high ropes course! The course included logs, tires, tight ropes, and even a short zipline! There was also a 15 meter plummet at the end of the course. It was so fun and all of us enjoyed it! Here are some pictures from the high ropes course:

“Tree Top Adventure” was located in the Snowdonia National Forest in Wales. It was amazing!
Tight rope walking!
These tires were a little challenging! But they were fun!
Just hangin’ around while I wait to move onto the next obstacle! 
My mom on the zipline!
Teeney on the wire!
Selfie! (There is a photobomber in the back…) 
My mom walking across one obstacle!

Following the high ropes course, I checked in for the other activity I was going to do. It was called the “PowerFan Plummet.” It was a 30 meter (106ft) drop from the top of a HUGE tree. The first part of the tree was climbing up the 30 meter tree. That took me a while… it was so tall!

The PowerFan Plummet… As you can see it is VERY tall!
Making the climb to the top!
Jumping off! “Flying Squirrel” style😉

Once we left Tree Top Adventures, we headed for a small little town in Wales. This specific town has the longest town name in Europe! Here is the full name:Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. (I know… amazing right?!) There are 58 characters in the town’s name and it means “St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the fierce whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio of the red cave.” We got our passports stamped with the town’s name and then went to lunch. I ordered fish and chips (again!) and my mom and I had ham and cheese panini sandwiches. We all enjoyed our lunch and afterward, we even got a lady who lived there to say the name of the town for us! It was really long and I can’t believe she was able to say it all!

A sign saying the town name… Can you believe it?

After lunch we headed back into England. We would be staying at Albert & Victoria Hotel in Southport. It was a two hour drove to Southport, and when we arrived, we checked in and then walked along the pier. Teeney and I walked out to the beach, while my mom stayed on the pier. We even got donuts from “the donut man!” Following the pier, we went to dinner at “Cafe Italia,” I worked on my blog, we played cards in the hotel room, and then we went to bed. I have limited time so I will just attach the pictures from the rest of the night, enjoy!

The pier in Southport.
Jumpin’ at the beach!
Teeney loves to jump!
We left our mark on the beach!

One thought on “England Day 5🌲

  1. Sydney you are having so many wonderful and exciting adventures WOW I love your blogs and I love you Grandpa and I love you so much Hugs and kisses


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