England Day 4 ☔️

Greetings everyone! I am very sorry that I couldn’t post yesterday. I had no service AT  ALL! It was very frustrating! Now I am at a restaurant that has free wifi, so I am able to post. (Yay!) Here is the update from yesterday:

We woke up around 8:00 and then Teeney and I went downstairs for a workout. I went lap swimming and she went to lift weights in the gym. After Teeney was done, she came into the pool area. We then played catch with a little ball we had brought. It was really fun! I did some swimming “sprints” at the end and then we went to get changed for breakfast. We had to hurry, however, because breakfast ended at 9 and it was already 8:40! Thankfully we made it to breakfast in time to order our usual toast, scrambled eggs, and strawberry yogurt. (It’s getting a little old!) After breakfast, we packed up and left the Fieldways Hotel and Health Club.

Our drive was pretty long from where we stayed (Trowbridge) to our next accommodation (Shrewsbury). We wanted to stop for lunch halfway through so the drive didn’t seem as long. In about a half an hour we arrived at a little town called Kidderminster. After walking around the town to find a good place to eat, we decided to get Subway sandwiches. The familiar taste of turkey, cheese, and lettuce was very delicious! We ate our sandwiches in the car (still in the parking lot!) and went on our way.

In about two hours, we saw the sign that said “Shrewsbury.” I was very excited because the next accommodation we were staying at was called… The Sydney House Hotel! The Sydney House was very nice, just like I thought it would be! Here are pictures from the Sydney House:



Our room was very nice at the Sydney House! 
I love this place!

After checking in we headed to visit the castle in town! Here are the rest of the pictures from the night: (Sorry for going so quick; I have limited time with wifi!)

A duck I saw on the walk into Shrewsbury!


A beautiful flower I noticed on our walk to the castle.

The sign for the Shrewsbury Castle.
The Shrewsbury Castle!
Selfie from the top!
This is called “Laura’s Tower.” If you look closely you can see a princess (me). 😉
The river from the top of Laura’s Tower.
My mom and I in the doorway!
Teeney and I loved this view!
Exploring downtown Shrewsbury in the rain!
This is the place we went to dinner last night- it was very good!
What a great sign!
My steak from dinner… yum!
Cookies and vanilla ice cream. What a perfect combination!
Pictures in the telephone box! Notice someone peeking around the corner? 
The beautiful river we saw on our way back to the Sydney House!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for today’s update (hopefully still today!)

Peace out✌️


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