England Day 3⛅️

Hello all! We are having a great time here in England. So, here is the update:

We woke up and immediately got our bags packed up. Then we went to the complimentary breakfast at the Golden Strand Hotel (we stayed there two nights). Everyone ate pretty much the same things they ate yesterday morning!

Following breakfast we brought all of our bags to the front of our hotel. Teeney had requested a taxi driver (Danny) Sunday night and he said he would arrive at 9:00 in the morning. We had to request a taxi because we needed a LARGE taxi to fit 4 people and 6 bags! Here is an image of Grandma waiting for the taxi driver:


Danny came about 5 minutes early so we packed up and left to drop Grandma off at the airport! We had a slight hiccup, however, because the taxi driver dropped us off at Terminal 5 (we had thought ALL international flights depart there) but the Delta international flights actually departed from Terminal 4. It took us about a half an hour to reach Terminal 4 on the Express train. Luckily we had arrived at the airport 3 hours before Grandma’s flight! Finally grandma checked in, dropped her bags off, and went through security. We said goodbye to her before security and watched her as far as we could… finally she disappeared around the corner. According to the Delta site, she just landed about an hour ago!

We were all sad to see her go, but we had a great trip! After seeing Grandma off, we went to get our rental car. We actually upgraded to a large black van! We have plenty of space in there!

Finally we made it out of London and on the road. We stopped about an hour later for a quick lunch at a large rest stop. I even got fresh fruit and Krispy Kreme donuts for later!

It was only a 40 minute to our next destination- Stonehenge. This is a formation of rocks built by prehistoric people about 4500 years ago. Read more about its history here.

When we first got there, we had to stand in a very long queue to get our tickets. While we were waiting, I took some photos:

Teeney in the field!
Jumpin’ for joy!
Besties in the queue! (line) 

After about 45 minutes, we made it to the front of the line and bought our tickets. We then went into the “exhibition,” which told us about the history of stonehenge. Then we got on the shuttle that takes you to the actual formation. The bus ride was only about 2 minutes. When we arrived, it was so amazing! Here are some pictures:

The Stonehenge rock formation! So amazing! 
My mom and I enjoying Stonehenge!
This is called the “Heel Stone.” There are rocks and mounds like this one for a three mile radius around the main formation in any direction. They all were constructed at the same time.
A close up of one of the rock formations.
Jumpin’ for joy (part 2)!
Jumpin’ for joy (part 3)!
Stonehenge from another angle.
Stonehenge is very heavy! 😉
It was a very beautiful day today!

After visiting Stonehenge, we got on the road again to drive to our hotel. It was an hour drive until we reached the “Fieldways Hotel and Health Club.” Once we got settled, Teeney and I did a workout. I ran on the treadmill and she used the elliptical and the dumbbells. It was a hard workout but we both felt great after! Then we went to dinner at “Cafe Italiano,” a small Italian place in town (the town we are in is called Trowbridge). My mom and I both ordered penne bolognese and Teeney ordered baked lasagna. Then Teeney and I got ice cream for dessert (of course!)

Now we are relaxing in our hotel room and resting up for our day tomorrow. Here are a few pictures from the last part of the night. Stay tuned and goodnight! 😃

Fieldways Hotel and Health Club
Our wonderful room here!
They have everything here!
Caffé Italiano!
Penne Bolognese… Delicious!
Teeney loved her baked lasagna!

IMG_8605 IMG_8606

A vanilla milkshake and vanilla ice cream… yum!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Bye!


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