Ireland Day 8 (part 2) – England Day 1🚍

Hello again!

I am now able to continue writing about our day in Dublin (Saturday) from our hotel in London! I left off when we were on the Dublin “Hop On, Hop Off” bus tour. Just a reminder, this blog will be mostly pictures. Enjoy!

The Dublin Bus Tour!

We saw some of the painted doors from the tour bus, and I was able to capture some pictures of them:






We laughed at this door because the sign literally said “Wet Paint!”


After we saw Trinity College (the pictures from the college were in part 1), we got back on the bus. The next stop we got off at was the Molly Malone Statue. Click the link here to read about her history in Ireland. Below are pictures of the statue:



A selfie with Molly!

We then got back on the bus and headed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Cathedral was so beautiful! I was lucky enough to be able to photograph it.





Everyone lit candles to remember loved ones. We lit one for Grampeey!
The beautiful stained glass windows!


After St. Patrick’s Cathedral, we stopped at a little coffee shop for chicken noodle soup, quiche, coffee, and hot chocolate. We then attend a “Food, Folklore, and Fairies” performance at the Brazen Head Pub, which is the oldest pub in Ireland. Here are the last few pictures from our great day:

What a beautiful bridge!
Grandma exploring downtown Dublin!
Chicken Noodle Soup… Yum!
The Brazen Head Pub!

On Sunday morning we flew to London!

We found Tina right away and then we had to figure out the “Tube”…London’s Subway.

We all worked together and even with all of our luggage, we managed to find our tiny hotel.  It will be cramped in here for a couple of days but that is okay since we won’t be here very much.

Sunday night we went to see STOMP at the Ambassadors Theatre tonight and it was wonderful! Then we went to a little diner (Ed’s Dinner) and it was SO good! My mom said that I cannot stay up late and that I will just have soave a quick blog tonight. Buckingham Palace tickets in the morning so I am off to bed.  Good to be in England!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this second part and my modified Day 1 in England! Sorry there are no photos from the beginning of our time in the UK, but the photos take a long time to load up.  Unfortunately I am a day behind because it is too late right now. So, stay tuned tomorrow… Bye!


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