Ireland Day 8 ðŸšŒ

It’s another day here on the Emerald Isle!

Sorry for being unable to post yesterday! We went to a Food and Folklore presentation at a pub last night and we arrived at our hotel late. Today we are at the airport heading to London! I only have a half and hour to post about our day yesterday, so the majority of this blog will be pictures and captions… Enjoy!

After breakfast yesterday (the typical Irish breakfast we had been having all week), we got ready for our day in Dublin. Then we went to the bus stop nearby our hotel and got on the city bus.

The city bus! 🚍
A flower from the bus stop

We then boarded the “Hop On, Hop Off” tour bus. Here are some things that we saw along the way:

The tallest spire in Europe! It was made because of the millennium, but it was finished in 2003.
A dome in the square at Trinity College.
Selfie with the dome!
Trinity College!
The campus of Trinity College.
Even the Light posts here are Irish! 🍀

I am now boarding the plane… Stay tuned for more installments from yesterday and today!


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