Ireland Day 7 🚘


Today was another great day in Ireland, although we didn’t do any sightseeing.

We woke up at the Fitwilton Hotel and went to the main floor for the complimentary breakfast. It was a buffet with a wide variety of Irish breakfast items. (They did not have pancakes or waffles, however, but I think those two items are very rare in Ireland! When I get home I am definitely going to Denny’s for pancakes!) I ate scrambled eggs, bacon, rice krispies and toast. My mom had scrambled eggs and toast and my grandma had scrambled eggs, toast, and a tomato.

After breakfast we packed up our items and left the Fizwilton hotel. In the car park area (the parking ramp), a nice man named Gavin helped us turn our car around because it was a very tight squeeze. He was a truck driver, so he easily whipped our car around! We then made our way to Dublin.

It was very nice driving on real highways, rather than narrow, windy, country roads we had been driving on all week! The trip to Dublin took about an hour and a half. When we arrived, we checked in early at our hotel (1 o’clock) and we unloaded the car completely. Once we got everything out of the car, my mom and I left to return the rental car at the airport. This was a quick and easy process, and the man who worked at the rental place even called a taxi for us! The taxi driver was a little crazy, but we made it back eventually.

Back at the hotel, we took everything out of our suitcases and repacked them to make the most of our space. (since we will be traveling to London on Sunday morning) After packing for about an hour, we relaxed a little and then went to SuperValu and a small takeaway place (called take out in America) where my grandma and I got kids burgers and french fries, my mom got a lunch pizza, and I got a vanilla milkshake. (Have I mentioned I love ice cram?)

In another hour, I decided to go on a run around the square in front of our hotel. My mom came outside with me and walked while I ran…) I did three warmup up laps, about eight fast laps (with a recovery lap in between each fast lap), and three cool down laps. It was nice and cool-the perfect temperature for running! The only thing I didn’t like was the people waiting for the bus stop who were staring at me. They were probably thinking… “Why is this little girl running around so many times??” Here is a picture of me running:


Following my run, I took a shower and then we headed to dinner. We ate at the hotel restaurant. It was a very nice place! I ordered fish and chips, my mom had steak and ale pie, and my grandma ate a “jacket potato.” (Also known as a baked potato!) We all liked our food! For dessert, I ordered a “Warm Fudge Sundae.” Here was the description on the menu:

“Tempting chunks of warm fudge cake piled with scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream, chocolate flavored sauce and cream, and two golden wafers.” It was SO AMAZING!

My Warm Fudge Sundae

After dinner, my grandma and I went on a short walk around the city square. I took two pictures on the walk:

The flowers were so beautiful in the city square!
The view of our hotel from the square.

We then went back to the room, my grandma took a bubble bath, and my mom and I went downstairs so I could work on my blog. (The wifi is better down here!) We are going to enjoy our night here at the Travelodge Hotel because tomorrow is going to be a VERY busy day of sightseeing in Dublin. Hopefully I will have time after our 7 o’clock show tomorrow night to upload all of the pictures from tomorrow!

Stay tuned everyone!



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