Day 5 in Ireland⛲️

Hello all!

Today is our 5th day in Ireland and we have already seen so much. Today was a very busy day!

We woke up around 8:00am and left the Old Cable House B&B in Waterville. The breakfast was not complimentary so we decided to find a breakfast restaurant as we drove. There were many amazing views along the Ring of Kerry and the little cafe we stopped at also had a beautiful view of the Ring of Kerry and Atlantic Ocean. At the Wave Crest cafe my grandma and I each had rice krispies, strawberry yogurt, a croissant, and toast, while my mom had toast and scrambled eggs. Here are a few photos from the cafe:

The view from outside the Cafe.
I found a little friend when I was taking pictures of the flowers at the cafe.
I found a little friend while I was taking pictures of the flowers at the cafe.

After stopping at the cafe, we continued our route along the Ring of Kerry. This picture gives you a good idea of the winding roads right next to the Atlantic Ocean: DSC_0502

Everything was so beautiful along the Ring of Kerry, from the Atlantic Ocean on one side to the fields that were every shade of green on the other side. Even the sky was beautiful because it was light blue and not completely covered with clouds like it usually is!

A tiny patch of blue sky seen through the trees.

We had almost finished the Ring of Kerry when we stopped in a little town called Macroom. My grandma and I got out to mail some postcards and buy a few stamps from “The Post” and we also stopped at a little cafe to get hot chocolate and coffee. As we were walking we spotted these two stores:

My grandma loved this store😃
Jackie’s beauty salon! Not spelled right but it still counts.

Stay tuned… I know my name is coming soon!😉

Following this pit stop, we continued on our way. We stopped once to check our low tire pressure, but a little Irish man was so generous that he filled the tire up with air for free!

The next hour was full of maps and signs, as we made our way to Blarney.

My little travel companion and our Ireland map.

We finally made it to Blarney and we checked into our B&B, which was called The White House. This place is so nice and luxurious that we feel like The President here! (Hence, the white house!)

The White House!



There are beautiful flowers here at the white house! Just what a president would want😉

Once we got settled in the room, we headed out for the Blarney Castle. Our B&B was less than a half a mile from the Blarney Castle, so we decided to walk. (It is so close that I can see the Blarney castle from the very place I am writing my blog from right now!)

When we made it to the grounds of the Blarney Castle, the ticket lady told us there was a long “queue” (line) for the castle, so she suggested we walk around the Blarney Gardens for an hour or so. We did just that. Here are the many pictures from the beautiful Blarney Gardens:

This is the ice house. It is basically a pit and was used to store… ice! (I bet you never could have guessed)
We walked around the path to observe the Fern Garden. Here a sign tells us which way to go.
A beautiful waterfall we saw in the fern garden.
A spectacular set of stairs we climbed to continue on the fern gardens path.
Just one of the many types of flowers found in the Blarney Gardens.
Many of the trees in the Blarney Garden had colorful sweaters on them!
An image of the Blarney House, which is a Scottish mansion furnished in the Victorian style.

After about 45 minutes, we headed to the Castle. The line started as we entered the castle and continued the whole way up. At first the line moved slowly, but then the pace started to pick up. Before we knew it we were climbing the MANY stairs. (About 120 stairs!) I always would briefly stop to explore the numerous rooms and take pictures out of the castle windows. When we finally got up, the view was breathtaking! I was proud of my grandma for making it all the way to the top! Here are the pictures of the outside and inside of the castle and of the view from the top:

The Blarney Castle!
Another view of the Blarney Castle. 
A separate building on the Blarney Castle grounds.
I kissed the Blarney stone!
We made it to the top of the Blarney Castle!
The view from the top of the Blarney Castle!
When we got to the top, we reached the front of the line in 20 minutes. It was time to kiss the Blarney stone! My mom and I both kissed the Blarney stone, but I was the only one to buy my picture (see below) and the certificate saying I had kissed the Blarney stone. My grandma didn’t kiss the Blarney stone but that is okay because she already has the “gift of gab/eloquence” in my opinion but she climbed every step we did!
After the Castle, we walked over to a restaurant called “The Muskerry Arms.” My mom and I both had traditional Irish Beef Stew while my grandma had a “perfect” (quoted directly from her) garden salad with vinaigrette. My grandma and I also ate dessert. I had vanilla ice cream will chocolate sauce and she had deep dish apple pie. The live musician was amazing and even sang “Oh Danny Boy” dedicated to “Mary  Murray…” (what he called my Grandma once he learned her family name…she loved it!) He was great!!
We then headed back to The White House B&B, which was only about a 10 minute walk away. It was a very beautiful night out (it was sunny), so my mom and I sat outside while I wrote my blog.
Today was a great day and I look forward to tomorrow! We are heading to Waterford, so stay tuned for more!
Thank you for reading! 🍀

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