Day 4 in Ireland 🚗

Hello from Ireland!

I have better WiFi at the restaurant I am currently at (The Lobster Bar), so I am able to attach the pictures I took at the B&B last night:


This is the dog at the B&B named Tiger. He is a yellow lab just like my dog, Laylee. I loved having an adorable dog around the farmhouse; he made it seem more like home. Below are more pictures from last night:


We woke up bright and early today to observe the cows milking. We were staying at a B&B called Greenfields Farmouse, so the host Mary invited us to look at the cows. I even got to try and milk the cows! (I was bad) Here are a couple pictures of the cows:


(Mary and Leo are in the background of the second picture)

This is the picture of the B&B:


Overall, our experience at the Greenfields Farmhouse was wonderful. The hosts-Mary and Leo-were VERY nice and welcoming. After seeing the cows, we headed back to the farmhouse to eat breakfast. It was humorous because Mary had changed from her farmer girl clothes to her servant (serious) clothes for breakfast.  It was a completely different look! The breakfast table we ate at (see below) was beautiful  because it overlooked the pasture. We all had fruit, scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. Mary also put on Irish music and even started dancing an Irish jig! Breakfast was an awesome experience. Then, Mary and I scrubbed our muddy shoes together since they were dirty from the cow milking. Following this, we packed up, said goodbye and went on our way.


(Our breakfast table)

Our next stop was Tralee. We had lunch at a little place called the Square Pub. The Shepard’s Pie I had was amazing. (My grandma got leek soup, and my mom got a chicken sandwich) After Tralee, we traveled on the Ring of Kerry. The views were spectacular.


We arrived at our new B&B about half way around the Ring of Kerry. It is called the Old Cable House B&B. I took some pictures (below) and we headed out into Waterville (the town only 2 minutes away). Now my grandma and I have just finished our turkey dinners and my mom finished her Shepard’s pie. Tomorrow I will hopefully have my wifi hotspot device delivered to our B&B.


Goodnight until tomorrow!

Stay tuned😃


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