Day 3 in Ireland🌊

We are having a blast here in Ireland! Today we got up and went to the wonderful breakfast served by our host Mary. My grandma and I ordered fruit, yogurt, and toast, while my mom had eggs and toast. We even had a view of the ocean from the breakfast table! However, at first we couldn’t see because of the fog, but luckily the fog lifted before we left.

(Our breakfast table this morning)

After breakfast we left the Atlantic View B&B and headed to the Cliffs of Moher, which were only about 1 kilometer away. When we finally got to the top of the cliffs, (after I had to run the whole way back to the car to get lens cleaner for my camera) the view was amazing. I remember doing a slight amount of research on the Cliffs of Moher in 8th grade for a school project on Ireland (see it here), but the cliffs where so much more beautiful in person than on a computer. I have posted some of the pictures below:


Following the Cliffs of Moher, we drove through a little town called Miltown Malbay, where we stopped at a produce store and bought clementines, tomatoes, and a plum. We also stopped at a Supervalu (again) to get bread and strawberries. Then we headed to the Shannon Ferry. This ferry would take us (and our rental car) across the River Shannon so we didn’t have to drive the 2 hours around the river. On the 20 minute ferry ride we took many pictures and looked out at the river.

IMG_8247 IMG_0774

(On the Ferry)

We then drove to our B&B for today, which is called Greenfields Farm House. After checking in we went to dinner at a little place called Mario’s, where I ate a burger and my mom and my grandma split a pizza. When we came back, I took some pictures of the B&B, the host’s dog, and flowers. I would like to attach them but since we are so far from a major city, the wifi is on and off. I will attach the pictures another day when I get the wifi hotspot we ordered.

Thanks for reading…

Tune in soon!


One thought on “Day 3 in Ireland🌊

  1. I find myself looking forward to late afternoon – just for your update Sydney – I had no idea you would be sending such a gift.

    Oops – no pressure though…Love A. Ginia


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