Here we are! 🍀

On Friday at 1:30 my mom, my grandma, and I left from the Minneapolis airport and traveled to JFK airport in New York. We then had a six hour layover where we ate at the Shake Shack and Buffalo Wild Wings. (yum!) Finally we boarded around 10:35 (11:30pm flight)and got settled in the plane. When we got in the air, all three of us used the mini screens on the backs of the seats to watch movies and play games for about an hour. I played a golf game and began watching WALL·E, and then our food came. Not the greatest pasta I’ve ever had (not even close!) but it’s airplane food, so what can you expect? After dinner, we went to sleep because we were exhausted! When we woke up there was about an hour left of our 6 our flight, so we finished our movies and prepared for landing.

Here are some pictures I took on the descent to Ireland:IMG_8195 IMG_8197

After landing we went through brief customs, got our bags and our rental car, and began the drive to Galway. In Galway we began our afternoon by eating lunch at an Italian restaurant called “Pasta Italia,” and then we walked (in the rain and wind of course- typical Ireland!) to Faller’s, the jewelry store that claims to have made the first Claddagh ring. My mom already had a claddagh ring, so my grandma and I both got one to match her. The following picture shows our rings: IMG_8199

After buying our rings, we made one last stop to buy my grandma some gloves at a department store in Galway. As it is summer, however, they didn’t have any gloves but a generous employee gave my grandma his gloves at no cost. We then walked back to our car and made the long drive to Clifden. We were very tired so it was a struggle keeping each other awake, but we finally made it! Now we are sitting in bed at the Ben Breen Bed and Breakfast (pictured below) and we will be going to bed soon as we have only slept 3 hours in the last 24 hours.


Tomorrow is another great day to look forward to and we can’t wait.

Stay tuned!


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