New Year 🎉

A new year brings new opportunities and new challenges. Many people say the New Year will be “the new me” as they make their new years resolutions and goals. According to, only 8% of people actually keep their New Years resolutions. Though I do have some goals for 2015, such as keeping up on my workouts and trying to spend less time on my phone, I am not trying to change myself, as some people are. Instead, I am taking my grandma’s advice. She told me to pick one word that would help me be better in 2015. For example, her word was “organized.” I decided that my word would be “happy.” Studies show that happier people are healthier and overall have a better life, even under stress. Along with happiness, comes positivity, which I also hope to have more of in 2015.

There is nothing I should be unhappy and negative about because I have so many adventures to come in 2015. First of all, I am traveling to California in February to visit my grandparents who I have not seen in 2 years. It will be so amazing to see them! Then, for Spring Break, my mom, my friend Jessica and I are traveling to Arizona to visit my Godmother, Tina. (Check out her blog: ) Since Jessica is on the golf team as well, we will spend most of our trip practicing and playing golf.⛳️ That is just fine with me because obviously I can’t play golf in MinneSNOWta at that time. Lastly, in the summer, my grandma, my mom, my godmother and I are taking a trip of a lifetime to England and Ireland. All of these trips are going to be so exciting! ☺️

2015 may bring a few challenges along with adventures, but I will work through them to the best of my abilities.

Overall, 2015 will be busy, but it will sure be fun! I am a lucky girl to receive all of these opportunities and I am thankful for all of my upcoming travels. ✈️

Thank you all for reading this post and continuously reading my blog! Feel free to comment any of your new years resolutions/goals below.

Happy New Year Everyone!  🎉  🎉  🎉


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