Christmas Cookies🎄❄️🎁⛄️🎅🌟

In my opinion, Christmas cookies represent the true essence of the Christmas spirit. They are more than just scrumptious sugar cookies covered in a layer of delicious powdered sugar frosting and sprinkled with red & green candies. Christmas cookies are the result of hard work done by families and friends spending time together during the holiday season.

Every year, my grandma and I make Christmas cookies together. It creates such great memories that last a life time. This year, when I was trying to make the red frosting, I accidentally spilled red food coloring all over my hands. It wouldn’t come off at all, so I had to go shopping with bright red fingers! This made us laugh. We also might have burned one batch of cookies because we didn’t realize there was already oil on the cookie sheet. 😉

Yesterday, I made another batch of Christmas cookies with my little neighbor Cooper (age 6). We had already pre-baked the cookies before we brought them over to their house, so we only had to decorate them. We decorated the snowmen, trees and stars with colorful frosting and assorted sprinkles. He worked long and hard on his cookies because he is planning to give one cookie to each of Santa’s reindeer! We shared many laughs together over our silly designs, making me feel closer to him.

No matter how old I get, I will never stop making Christmas cookies with the people I love. They are so fun to make, and they bring family and friends together over the holidays. Last, but definitely not least, Christmas cookies are one of the best holiday treats. So go make Christmas cookies right now! Enjoy the time spent with your loved ones and don’t forget to eat the cookies when you are done. 😄

I am off to make fudge (another favorite holiday treat) with my mom. This is one holiday food tradition we share together.




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