Tis’ the Season❄️🎅🎄🎁

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Lit up Christmas trees seen through every window, families drinking hot cocoa together while watching the falling snowflakes through the window, little kids anxiously counting down the days until Christmas; who doesn’t love the holidays?

The transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas happens quickly at my house, as we host Thanksgiving on Thursday and set up the tree on Friday. I always am so delighted to see my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents all in one day, while eating my mom’s amazing food. This Thanksgiving, we watched a few old videos on my mom’s computer, and even though they were bittersweet because my grandpa (who passed away in May of 2013) was in some of them, boy were they fun to watch! There is something amazing about watching a video from 7 years ago of the whole family dancing together on a pontoon boat at the cabin. Photos and videos can act as a time machine back to the past, which can be a great experience anytime in life. Friday morning is when the transformation between the two holidays begins. The fall decorations get packed away, being replaced by the many, many Christmas decorations. Some of the decorations placed in our house bring back special memories, such as an ornament from my first Christmas or the nativity scene my Grandma gave me when I was little (which was my mom’s as a child also). As noticed in these few decorations, holidays bring back old memories that families can cherish together.

The holidays are mainly a special time of the year, but they can also be stressful! Even though I am currently relaxing, sitting on the couch writing this, drinking hot cocoa, enjoying the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree and watching football, earlier I went shopping at the Mall of America and it was not as stress-free. My mom and I went to the Apple store in order to receive some advice for her computer, and it was packed! (Not even on Black Friday!) People were hustling around, searching for the best deals on holiday gifts. We stood in line at the Crêpe stand for 20 minutes; who knew they were so popular in Minnesota? Despite the fact that holidays can be stressful, the stress and worry is usually surpassed by the feeling of joy and love between family and friends. Though some people feel it is crucial to buy the best- and often most expensive- gifts for their loved ones, what is most important is spending time with the people you love.

Thank you for continuously reading my posts and feel free to leave any comments or questions. ☺️


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