The Winter Storm of November❄️⛄️

Brrr, it has been a cold (and snowy) week in Minnesota and all over the U.S. From Texas to Montana- basically everyone can feel the affects of this early winter storm. So what is the reason for this unseasonable blast of cold and snow? You can blame the Jet Stream, which is the cause of “The Polar Vortex.” Some people may have experience the polar vortex last year, where it was so cold that some schools had to cancel school up to a week in the winter- just because of the cold! When we feel freezing (and I mean freezing!) cold temperatures and snow, the jet stream  probably has dipped too far south and has brought the cold air with it. This is called a polar vortex distortion.

Right now, where I live in Minnesota (a suburb of the Twin Cities), it is 9° out, but it feels like a mere 1° because of the wind chill. There are only 3 inches of snow on the ground, but there are definitely  many more inches and feet to come! Because of this snow and freezing weather, CLEARY I cannot golf, so I am now heading to an indoor practice facility called “Minnesota Golf Academy.” It has a driving range, practice putting green and a chipping area. I will be visiting this place a lot through the winter to get ready for the upcoming golf season, so I am going to share pictures sometime.

If anyone wants to know extra information on the polar vortex, I made a Prezi for an assignment last year, and I have attached the link here:

Thank you for reading this! Feel free to comment anything below, from golf to weather or anything, I would like to here it. ☺️


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